Everyone in the world should be able to use their language on phones and computers

Including Ancient language scholars

Let's bridge the abyss between information interchange and professional publishing

It's unicode
  • The encoding is the same as unicode
  • The internal algorithm and database is the same as unicode
  • Keep pace with the development of unicode
It's beyond unicode
  • Record variations precisely
  • Include new characters on demond in no time
  • Distribute fonts and character property info freely and automatically
image of 万 (4E07)image of 万 (4E07)image of 丈 (4E08)image of 丈 (4E08)image of 丰 (4E30)image of 丰 (4E30)image of 安 (5B89)image of 安 (5B89)

Encode characters precisely

Display characters precisely

Input characters precisely